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Beginner's Guide


+Aboard the ship+

You have just awoken on a ship out at sea but appear to have stopped moving. You decide to step outside where you meet with the Captain of the Ship and he informs you that the ship has stopped working. The Captain then asks a favor of our New Adventurer "Please go speak with the Repairman below deck and see if the engine is alright." You venture back inside the ship and head down below deck to check in with the Repairman. He has told you that a part on the engine has malfunctioned and that without a new one the ship will not be moving anywhere soon. He then remembers that the Captain may have a spare part and asks you to return to the Captain and retrieve this part. You return to the Captain and inform him what has happened to the engine, the Captain does indeed have a spare part for the engine that he then hands to you and asks you to take it to the Repairman. You have now returned to the Repairman with the spare part in hand, you then hand the part to the Repairman and he begins working on the repairs. The Repairman tells you he should be done with the repairs any moment and would like you to inform the Captain that all she be good any moment. You return to the Captain just as the engine kicks back on and the Captain then thanks you for your hard work. The Captain then tells you that we will be arriving at the Tutorial Island soon and sends you off for a nap in the meantime.

+Tutorial Island+

You awake from your nap and return outside to speak with the Captain. He informs you that we have just arrived at Tutorial Island and that he will take you to the main land as soon as you have reached level 5. Your first place of venturing is a small house not to far from where the boat is docked. Inside the house is Trainer Bob who is having an issue with rats in his basement. He gives you a key to a chest that he keeps an old dagger in and asks you to bring it to him. You take the key and open the chest and find the dagger inside. You then take the dagger and key back to Trainer Bob and he tells you that you may keep the dagger, as long as you help him out by killing 20 rats in the basement. As a reward he tells you that he can teach you about several Classes that he has learned through his own travels. You then enter the basement and slay 20 rats then return to Trainer Bob. He thanks you for the help with his vermin problem and then offers to teach you about 3 Classes he knows (Magician, Archer, Warrior). He explains each class and allows for you to try any of them out while you are on the island.

After helping out Trainer Bob you decide to explore to the east forest where you find a man named Joe who is a collector of Goat Horns. You talk with Joe and he offers to give you money and experience for bringing him 10 Goat Horns. You notices that there are several Goats in the area and go off to kill them and collect 10 horns for Joe. After you have collected enough horns you return to Joe. He gladly takes the horns and gives you some money and experience. Joe tells you to come back if you wish to trade more horns.

Further East you see a Training Guard standing by outside a cave. You speak to the Training Guard and he tells you about how the Bats in this cave have been attacking the locals at night. He then asks for you to kill 15 of these Bats in the cave. You then enter the cave and begin fighting the Bats and once you have killed enough you return to the Training Guard and inform him that you have killed the Bats however there are some Cave Spiders that appear to be spooking the Bats. With this recent information the Training Guard then asks that you return to the cave and kill 10 of the Cave Spiders. You return to the cave and kill the Cave Spiders then return to the Training Guard to tell him the good news. The Training Guard thanks you for your service and offers you a reward of money and experience.

You venture north to another forested area where you meet a man named Mike who tells you that this area has been infested by Slime monsters. Mike then asks you to kill 25 Slimes. After you have killed the Slimes Mike tells you that he needs 15 Blob Slimes that he uses as jelly on toast. If you did not get 15 Blob Slimes return to fighting Slimes till you have enough. Now that you have enough Blob Slimes return to Mike and he will give you money and experience.

You continue helping these individuals out until you have reached level 5. Now that you are level 5 you return to the ship's Captain he then informs you that it is time to choose your starting class (Rogue, Archer, Warrior, Magician). You will be able to change your class later on down the road but for now this will be your permanent class till then. After choosing your class the Captain sends you off to bed while you set sail for the main land. Upon waking up you have just docked at the main land where your adventure truly begins!

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